10-1-13 training PR

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Back to the box today even though I am still very sore from the weekend. Today the warm up was just as hard or harder than the WOD.


Back Squats: 75#

This is 10#s shy of my 1RM. I did 3 x 3 at a tempo of 3-0-1, resting 2 minutes in between sets. Taking the bar from a racked position.

Squat Cleans: Final weight 95# EMOM Building I went up 40# on my PR since March 2013. 





5-75# fail, added wrist wraps.





10- 100# fail

AMRAP: 1 attempt

Wall Balls: I did 14 in a row with a 14# ball before I dropped it.

Singles: 14 before I tripped on my rope-think I need a new speed rope mine is all banged up.

Chin ups (tan band and skinny red): I did 5 chin ups and got the prize of torn open hands.

Wodapoolza clean scaled is 135# so I have some work to do but I am well within range for the next 15 weeks of getting there.



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