Mobility! Yes, I made it to day five and I started the day with some mobility because I needed it more than I ever. I knew if I didn’t really warm up and get things going today was going to be harder than it already was. More than yesterday today was a battle of the mind and overcoming that “stinkin’ thinkin”. It was like I had a little devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other shoulder; but the shoulder with the angel on it won the battle! Suck it up Buttercup is what I kept telling myself through today. No kidding, I was at the box for 4 hours today, but it didn’t feel that long and I enjoyed almost every minute.

Day 5:
A1: DB RDL @50×1; 8-10 rest 0:15 (40#)
A2: Bear Crawl for 0:30, rest 0:15
A3: Suitcase DL @31×1 8-10/side, rest 0:45 (55#)

Goblet Squat @50×1 8-10, rest 0:15 (25# & 30#)
B2: 1 arm waiter walk 60 sec./arm rest 0:45 AHAP (20#)

C1: Double KB FR Walk 60 sec. AHAP; rest 0:15 (40#)
C2: R. Rows @31×2; 12-15 rest 0:45
NO AD available, sub spin bike 45 minutes—did 55 minutes, plus 10 minute cool down.

A1/A2/A3: In order to keep the temp you asked for I kept the weight at one I could consistently do the correct tempo at. The bear crawls are getting better, I was able to do these unbroken and I didn’t hurt like I used to while doing them. A3: was heavy, good practice for moving boxes and carrying my suitcases through the airport. =) A1: I did 9, 10, 11. A3: 8, 10, 10. 

B1/B2: I did something different on this set, instead of going 1/2 I did all of one and then did all of 2. I don’t know why I just did it that way. The first set of GS I did 10, then I did 8 and 8 for the other two. I know after today I could never be a waiter! I thought 20#s was going to be too light, but after getting into them I knew I picked the right weight. When I had to readjust I just added that time I rested onto to my time to finish. Towards the end they got painful and became a fight to keep that weight overhead.
C1/C2: I used 40# for the FR and then you answered my question for the ring rows. Each time on the ring rows I was able to do all 15. The 2nd and 3rd set of the FR became painful and hard to get into position. I found a high box to put the KBs on top of so I could get into position without too much struggle. Then it was a fight to do it for 60 seconds because I knew putting them down and re-racking them into position would stink big time. 
Spin: Since I went in the middle of the afternoon I went to the box I first started Crossfit at and where Talayna trains. They have a Watt Bike but it was out of juice, so I ended up doing the spin bike. I found myself rocking out to the Pop Fitness station and after each song I turned the knob a 1/4 to 1/2 turn harder. By 25 minutes my legs were on fire but I focused on my music and pushed to make it though. I ended up doing 55 minutes and then 10 minutes really light just to cool down and get my land legs back. 


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