Crushed Goals



Today was one of those days where I crushed two goals and it felt amazing! While I still battle mentally with the tough workouts, it feels really freaking awesome to set goals and demolish them. This year I started my OPT CCP classes and I had a goal to take and pass my Program Design test by the 9th of August. I took it today and passed it with a 92%! Once I get into my new living situation in about two weeks I will start my case studies.

AM (Yesterdays PM)
500m Row at 80%
2:01, 2:07, 2:08, 2:09, 2:16, 2:15, 2:08, 2:09
Notes: The first one I went out of the gate too fast, that was my 90%. The 2:16/2:15 is where I had my battle in my head…such a mental fight these guys were. I gave myself pep talks before each one, “you are strong” “you can do this, it’s only 2 minutes” “fight for it”
You probably can’t hear it, but here is a clip of my last row and the pep talk I was giving myself.
Self Pep Talk on last row repeat
100 P-Ups
5K Watt Bike 11:20
60 St. Ups 20″
5K Watt Bike 11:20
100 Cal Row 8:00

Notes: I had never done a 100 calorie row before so I wasn’t sure what a good time would be. I asked one of the coaches on the floor and he said for me probably over 10 minutes and under 15. I set my goal at 11 minutes. I crushed it–8 minutes flat!! The push ups I did from hole 9 off the rack. My body is really sore, look forward to a day off tomorrow or maybe a distance Watt bike.

I’ve been way more hungry and find myself eating about 150 to 200g of protein each day. As well as drinking at least a gallon of water and some Sustain from Melaleuca.

Today I crushed my goals! What are your goals that you are going to crush this month or next week?

Push Hard–Get Stronger!


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