Rowing Competition


PACE…it is all about PACE…lol! I entered this rowing competition because I have a sick love of rowing. I’d rather row that Assault Bike or run, hands down. Last week I was really happy with not being last and that my best was in a good place. This week I was thrilled when I saw my score–I went up over 60 places! I was in the middle of the pack for my 400m row and then for the 1200m I got 5th place!

I felt like I was breathing fire on this row challenge. I blew the 400m out of the water although, I think I could have done a little better. My breathing was shitty, shit..holding your breath and rowing don’t mix. At the minute break I tried to take deep breaths and get relaxed before heading into the 1200m. I was so out of breath that I would do hard pulls and then try to go hard for a bit and then more hard pulls. The last 200m I went all out. I believe that my time is the best I’ve had for a 1200; 5:37.

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