Strength 2-9-2015

Yesterday I got back to food prep and how nice it was today to reach in and grab a meal or a snack without thinking about it. It felt good to get back to routine and drive, it’s like I’m finally settling into me and my journey.


12k Watt Bike 27:30

A: Back Squat @3211; 6-8 x4 R2M
65×8, 85×8, 95×7, 100×6
B: Grav Chin-Up 6-8 x4 R2M
225×8, 210×6, 210×6, 210×4+2
C: FLR accumulated 3M
My abs were on fire!
D: Sorenson Hold 2M
These were hard, but I liked the challenge!
E: 5k Watt 13:10

Today was a good day! I think I need new heels are really bugging me. After being on my feet for just a few hours I was in pain. :/

My fridge full for the week:



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